Building a Castle!

We built a castle for the film set "Iron Clad" (starring ....).  This was an interesting project which lasted 5 months on the "ValleyWood" set.  This involved highly skilled intricate work creating complex gargoyles, gates and even a portcullis.

Complete rebuild

An additional project on the Iron Clad film set required the complete build from scratch of a stable and pig stye in keeping with the medieval castle (see above) appropriate for the film.  This involved the use of Oak beams and traditional carpentry skills and working practices.

Dr Who's Tardis

Working on the Dr Who set for the BBC where we made the inside of a pirate ship (episode?).  This was very interesting work lasting over a month, involving creating the captain's quarters of a galleon.  The skilled work included creating arched beams recreating the original design of a 17th Century Pirate Ship.

New study above a garage

This property was in Lisvane and involved building a double garage and large loft above this space for the owner's hobby room to house a large train set recreating sheffield in the 1950s.  This required a large handcut pyramid roof and a triangular loft window.

New roof in Roath

Working on a large extension on Cyncoed Road the client required the existing roof to seemlessly joined with the new roof.  I recommended a large pearling around the middle of the roof and when the client saw the size he could achieve we fitted velux windows and created a loft conversion

Loft Conversion

This project was for Spiro (owner of the Top Gun chain of chip shops) where the existing loft was not big enough for a bedroom so we created stairs into his bedroom and built an ensuite bathroom and walk in wardrobe in his loft.  This allowed the owner to fully utilise the space in his existing bedroom.